Date format in PHP post

Formatting dates in PHP is one of those things that is more twisted / complicated than it looks. The case is simple, we want to display a date, taking into account the linguistic context. Let us first look the \DateTime ()

$date = new \DateTime();
print $date->format("d F Y"); // 20 Mar.2015

Mmm ... It works but unfortunately for us, the return of format method is in English only.

To translate a date, use the strftime function which will used the Locales of the system under the hood. However, the formatting syntax is different since it has percent "%" as symbol and different letters.

setlocale(LC_TIME, "fr_FR");
print strftime("%A %B %G"); // Vendredi mars 2015

By combining the object approach and the strftime function, this provides a more elegant solution.

setlocale(LC_TIME, "fr_FR");
$date = new \DateTime();
print strftime("%A %B %G", $date->getTimestamp());
// Vendredi mars 2015

Unfortunately, this is not final solutio because strftime has limitations and does not work properly with a time prior to 1970.

Finally, the safest approach is to use a PHP extension "Intl" which is specialized in this task. A quick example:

$date = new \DateTime();

$formatter = new IntlDateFormatter('fr_FR', IntlDateFormatter::SHORT, IntlDateFormatter::SHORT);
$formatter->setPattern('E d.M.Y');

print $formatter->format($date); // ven. 20.3.2015


This article is available in French also.

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